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Your Story Matters with Lynya Floyd

Meet Lynya Floyd

Lynya Floyd is the senior media coach for Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions program, where she works with entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts who want to elevate their status using the power of the media. She has helped clients land stories in media outlets like Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, Well & Good, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire, and more. Lynya has nearly two decades of experience working in the media as an editor at magazines including Glamour, Essence, Family Circle, Seventeen. As a journalist, her articles have appeared in national publications like Oprah, Money, Health, Cosmopolitan, and Martha Stewart Living. She has also been featured as a health expert on The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, FOX, NPR, and more. When she’s not helping her clients put a megaphone to their message, she’s ghostwriting books and working as a nationally certified integrative health coach in New York City.


The Power of Getting Your Story Out There

Lynya Floyd shared why getting your story into the world is so important. As an expert journalist, writer, and editor, Lynya has learned to use words and stories to help others change their lives. “You never know how you can save or shift someone’s life because of the story you’re sharing.” Lynya explained that three factors should always be woven into your writing: educate, entertain, and empower. She shares about the power of hearing from readers that her articles over the year helped empower them to better physical or emotional health and wellbeing. Your ability to share from a place of true education and empowerment while keeping your content entertaining is what it’s all about.


Flourishing and Healing Intergenerational Trauma

When asked about her two high point moments over her 20+ year career as a journalist and writer, Lynya shared that her two most recent articles for Oprah and Shape magazine brought her incredible joy and gratitude. Her piece for Oprah was all about the different emotions we’re going through during the pandemic and how to move into flourishing. We talked more about the concept of flourishing and how it’s connected to the flow state, known for deep connection and productivity. Lynya Floyd shared some powerful questions to ask yourself about where you might need support with resilience and flourishing. Those questions were: “Look at what zaps your resilience and identify the key markers. How might you overcome them?” This can be a very empowering way to manage emotions that are not as easy or enjoyable. Lynya’s piece for Shape magazine was all about intergenerational trauma, and in doing extensive research for the article, she learned that while intergenerational trauma doesn’t change your DNA, it can impact the way your DNA is expressed. I highly recommend reading both articles, which can be found below or on Lynya Floyd’s linktree:


The Need To Impact Millions

Lynya Floyd is also the lead media director for Selena Soo’s premier program, Impacting Millions, which is all about teaching thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches how to get into the media. One of the areas that many find most challenging to overcome when you pitch the media are the mental blocks. Lynya wants you to understand that your story and media pitch is incredibly helpful to an editor who is constantly searching for interesting, newsworthy, and meaningful stories. You are not going to annoy the editor, and in fact, once you know how to create a solid media pitch, you are actually being of service and helping an editor greatly. I agree with Lynya’s heart flare: “Your story matters and has power, potential, and the ability to impact one, one hundred, one thousand or even one million.” 


The Most Important Tip to Pitch the Media

Many entrepreneurs and writers jump to the pitch before doing the most important step. Lynya shared that before you start your media pitch, you must know what your expert topics are. She recommends coming up with three expert topics that are broad categories, like health and wellness or publicity (her expertise). It’s easy to list more than three topics, but it’s crucial to keep it to a smaller list of three areas where you have expertise. In sum, you want to keep your expert topics broad and your stories short and narrow.


Final Thoughts

Lynya Floyd is an expert when it comes to how to pitch the media. If you are looking to expand into writing for magazines, newspapers, or online resources, Lynya’s advice on media pitches will help get your foot in the door. Check out the links below if you are interested in seeing some of her fabulous work, like her article on intergenerational trauma. 

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Here are Lynya’s amazing articles in Shape and Oprah magazine: 

Shape Article: What Is Intergenerational Trauma, and How Can You Heal from It? 

Oprah Article: A Post-Pandemic Guide to Your Emotions



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