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A Whole New Take On Coffee with Donny Raus

Donny Raus, founder of Raus Coffee Company, has been active in the coffee community for 17+ years. Having worked in various capacities, from barista to an educator and roaster, one thing has always rung true, coffee, people, and travel have always been his passions.
In college he worked for Starbucks and was one of the first in the company to earn the title “Coffee Master”. While there he started the “Free Pour Mailing List”, the company’s first comprehensive mailing list to include new product highlights, coffee tastings and pairing notes, equipment reviews, and subscriber Q&A. He also traveled the region presenting “Coffee Talk”, an educational series on coffee.
In 2005 he left Starbucks and corporate, and formed the Connecticut Coffee Society in 2007, educating all who wanted to learn about the magic beverage through cupping. That same year he was elected President of the Northeast Regional Roasters Group, in charge of organizing annual retreats for coffee professionals, where he served a term of 3-years.Deciding there wasn’t anything he’d rather do, in October 2007 took a leap of faith and started Raus Coffee Company. Donny currently resides in in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where he roasts and bottles his award winning, Cold Roman espresso. He is also is one of 400 certified espresso sommeliers in the world and one of 6,500 certified international q-graders. You can order Donny’s delicious roasted coffee and specialized bottled espresso at
Donny shared about how passion and determination fueled his business venture when doubt crept in. He spent three years perfecting his roasting process until it met his standards. I found the following key take-aways from our conversation to be highly inspiring, and hope you do too.
Things We Learned From This Episode
  • If you’re considering a business venture, first learn by doing in someone else’s company or venture. You’ll learn real time if you really are passionate enough to consider making it a business.
  • Coffee is about taking a real moment to pause, stop, enjoy and savor. Donny adds an intention to all of his roasted coffee and hopes you can feel and sense this positive intention with every sip. A great idea is to create your own intention before drinking your next cup of joe (or tea).
  • We all get to the same destination, but the difference is the journey we take…follow your passion and live out your vision in your one life.


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