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Aja Andromeda speaks on the importance of psychic hygiene to keep yourself free of negative energies, allowing you to stay in high vibration.

High Vibration Living with Aja Andromeda

Meet Aja Andromeda

Aja Andromeda (pronounced AY- j-ah An-dr-AH-me-da) is the founder of Multidimensional U®, a human and planetary rights movement, a metaphysical coaching company, and an engineering hub for the build-out of a New Earth, based in higher-dimensional coordinates and unity consciousness. She is also a Multidimensional Engineer, InnerGalactic Shaman, Channel and Guide for planetary Wayshowers who want to activate into the next level of their human embodiment and are ready to step into their Soul Purpose work. Through her online metaphysical coaching program, The Emergence Experience, she has helped clients across the world contribute to a New Earth through the alchemy of their personal transformation. In addition, she’s helped them uncover their greater calling and activate incredible innate metaphysical abilities. Since 2015, Aja has led this year-long experiential program for awakening and awakened wayshowers who need support releasing blocks, clearing density and distortion, and aligning with a higher timeline.


After getting her undergraduate degree from William Smith College and her MS from Michigan Tech University, Aja founded several nonprofit organizations and launched a consulting business before her metaphysical awakening catapulted her into alignment with her own greater calling. Her warm, loving approach provides a high vibrational, nurturing container that helps people shift out of destructive patterns that stem from core wounding and the trauma of living in lower density and negative programming. Many of Aja’s clients have become powerful, impactful healers and Wayshowers in their own right. Aja Andromeda has been featured as an expert in the areas of New Earth Engineering, Inner Alchemy, and the Multidimensional Self. Her work has appeared on channels like Higher Self and Higher Self Portal. Aja has also been a guest on podcasts like Love, Service, Wisdom with Marisa Weppner and Thrive With Morella. She spends time with her family between the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana, the more wild, mystical lands of France, and the many different dimensions of the Multiverse.


Living in High Vibration

Ok, Love Warriors, we went deep here, and I mean multi-dimensional deep. You might want to get your pen and paper ready for this episode to jot down your feelings and take-aways. Aja Andromeda is an incredibly gifted channel, and it was a gift to talk about ways for us all to manage our energy and stay open-hearted and why that’s important.


Here are some of my main take-aways:

  1. We are all multi-dimensional, meaning because we are all energy and there are varying dimensions in the Multi-verse, we actually take on a variety of energetic high vibration forms in different realms. Stay with me…
  2. We are in a time of ascension, which is all about the raising of consciousness of humanity and energy getting lighter, more high vibration, which produces symptoms just like you’d expect with a higher elevation.
  3. We’re being called to open our heart portals and live from an open heart field. Aja suggests imagining that your heart energy extends 50 feet around you and can positively activate other human heart fields by adding love and compassion. Check out the HeartMath interviews to better understand the science behind our heart electromagnetic fields, which support this idea.
  4. Just like brushing your teeth and showering, it’s crucial to have a daily psychic hygiene practice so that you can live in that high vibration. Check out Aja’s psychic hygiene meditation for an example of how to do this.
  5. Most importantly, we are being asked to get out of our heads and to drop down to our heart centers. This takes focus, concentration, and practice. Both Aja and I have meditations that can help you do this.


Final Thoughts

Aja Andromeda spoke on the importance of psychic hygiene to keep yourself free of negative energies, allowing you to stay in high vibration. This lighter, energetic state of being allows us to help raise the consciousness of the planet and help us all ascend.


For more information about Aja Andromeda, her upcoming Earth Day Meditation Activation, and other works, go to


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Sacred Connection

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