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Let It Be Easy with Susie Moore


Meet Susie Moore

Susie Moore is the author of Let It Be Easy, Stop Checking Your Likes, and several other books. She is a former Silicon Valley sales director turned life coach and advice columnist. Her work has been featured on the Today show, Oprah, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time, Inc, and Marie Claire. She lives in Miami with her husband Heath and her Yorkshire terrier, Coconut. Find out more about her work at http://www.Susie-Moore.com.


Let it Be Easy

Susie Moore shared such a powerful story about growing up in shelters and just wanting to create a life that someday would be easy. She envisioned a high-paying job with ease and comfort, which she later manifested while working in Silicon Valley, making 500K a year. The thing is, she didn’t feel life was any easier or more joyful and realized something was missing. Susie moved on to become a coach and writer, soon realizing that finding joy, peace, and ease is about being in this moment and not projecting or focusing on life’s circumstances. She explained that we are quick to judge, and we play out movies in our life that aren’t real. This leads to upset and discord, and we become addicted to stress and future moments that never arrive. While we see stimuli always changing in our lives, the world we see on the outside mirrors the world on the inside. You’ve got to ask yourself, what am I allowing in versus resisting, and how can I let it be easy and move towards a state of joyful living.


Ask Yourself These Questions

We often don’t realize that we are negative. Most people don’t categorize themselves as being negative. Yet, in digging deeper, you’ll find that many of your thoughts, beliefs, and comments are often coming from negativity or a place of lack. Here are the two questions to ask yourself that will change your perspective and help you see your life from a more positive lens. 

  1. What’s NOT going wrong?
  2. Apart from what I’m believing or the anxiety I might have of the future, is everything ok right now?

We often feel a certain way because of what we’re thinking; thus, the root to examine is our thoughts and what we’re saying. One of the ways Susie Moore does this is through a process of disassociation. She might take something that could be upsetting or taken personally, like a negative comment about her video, and just bring it back to the basics by saying something like woman, words, computer. By doing this, you take out all the labels, meaning, and attachment and can just see what is actually happening. Don’t let someone else’s opinions determine your joy or emotions. Let it be easy by asking yourself these questions and looking at labels. We can then see what we’re making everything mean. No illusion can withstand honest questioning. By stripping away the judgment and negativity, we simplify our states of being and return to joyful living. 


Susie’s Heart Flare

The biggest cause of suffering is thinking we’re not enough, not worthy, or don’t have enough. That feeling of lack is the quickest way to remove ourselves from a state of joyful living. Take a moment to put your hand on your heart and truly notice and appreciate that your sweet heart has not missed a single beat since you were born. This is direct proof of how loved you are. Practice this any time you feel disconnected. Don’t forget to tap into this truth of how loved you are. The ending questions Susie Moore suggested asking yourself are: ‘ How can I let it be easy?’ and ‘What’s essential here?’ You are meant to experience ease, peace, and joy -you just have to remember that it’s here anytime you choose to see it.


Final Thoughts

Susie Moore breaks it down quite simply in her book Let it be Easy. We are meant to exist in a state of joyful living. To do this, we have to stay true to our hearts, remove ourselves from a feeling of lack and negativity. With practice and a little direction, we can break free and live a stress-free life.


Sacred Connection

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